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Our Typical Web Design Process

Step 1 – Come up with Game Plan

Unless you have a really simple project or we are converting your old website to a new WordPress site, step 1 is to understand what you what you want are looking to achieve with your new salon website and to come up with a plan of action. With Salon, Spas and Gym being our core business we have streamlined this process as much as possible, but we still need to spend some time to understand your business, your goals, your customers, your competitors, and your competitive advantages.

Step 2 – Develop Marketing Message

Since most salon websites serve as a marketing tool, it is essential that we utilize our salon knowledge to help develop your marketing messages for your salon site. By prioritizing the key elements of your message, we can better develop your salon website.

Step 3 – Develop Site Architecture & User Interface

This process can be very quick for smaller websites like salon, spa and gym websites but we ensure a friendly user interface with a search engine friendly site architecture.

Step 4 – Create Graphic Design & Artistic Elements

With a solid strategy, powerful marketing message, and intelligently designed user interface, our design team can go to work bringing your salon site to life with graphics, images, and other artistic elements. The typical goal is to blend in creative design without sacrificing other key elements like SEO and usability.

Step 5 – Set up WordPress and Apply Functionality

Our technical team sets up the CMS (WordPress) and applies any interactive functionality required in your site.

Step 6 – Site Buildout

With the WordPress CMS, our team will build out your salon website.  The powerful, yet easy to use content manager and WYSIWYG editor allows non-technical users to make updates to their websites.  So, whether our team builds out all or part of your site, you benefit from the streamlined process and easy-to-use system that we employ.

Step 7 – Apply SEO Elements & Google Analytics

As we build out your website, we set your salon site pages with targeted keyword phrases. In addition we can also setup Google Analytic so that online marketing activity can be monitored.

Step 8 – Set up Server Environment, Map Re-Directs and Run Diagnostics

Once your website is ready to publish, we help configure the DNS settings, ensure that any pages in preexisting websites are mapped to pages in the new site and run diagnostics to test for any unforeseen technical errors.

Step 9 – Provide System Updates & Ongoing Support

By building websites with WordPress, you will have the ability to update most pages in your website while still being supported by a member of the Salon Execution team. We can create an ongoing support program to fit your Salon, Spa or Wellness site’s needs.

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