Why salon client retention is (really) great for business

client retention

Marketing is key to client retention

Client retention is critical to a growing and profitable salon business. We can all be so pre-occupied with chasing new clients with marketing activity that we often overlook the clients who are loyal us; therefore, client retention should be at the top your salon marketing goals. What is the real cost to your salon when a client decides walk out the door?

Improve client retention by marketing to them

Clients that have been coming to your salon year after year deserve to be cherished and recognized. Pyara Aveda Salon and Spa in Cambridge just recently celebrate it’s 10th anniversary along with a new location. For Pyara’s grand opening, owner Christine Perkins invited her clients to the special gathering where they were wine and dine by Boston Celebrity Chef Chris Coombs while given personal tours of the new space. The grand opening and the salon clients were featured on the salon website, facebook, email marketing and in both Boston Magazine and Boston Globe.

Salon loyalty and retention programs

In any growing salon business, it is vital to cultivate long term relationship with existing clients to keep them returning to your business year in and year out. Most points based systems on salon and spa software systems are easy to use; however, they do have their draw-backs – These programs are usually in the form of discounts and are eating away from your profits.

If you’d like some ideas and help on implementing a loyalty program, then give us a call at 617.869.9515 or email us. We will help you create a loyalty program or give you other salon marketing ideas to keep your clients returning again and again to your salon or spa. If you are not growing your business then it is dying.

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